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Elena Palomo
December 9
I would recommend this company without…
I would recommend this company without reservations!!
Michael G
December 7
great service!!
great service!!
Enzo P
November 26
Best card I've come across
Best card I've come across, to date.
November 26
Ahmed Alqaysi
November 23
Excellent service....reasonable rates Clear voice....i trust this site
November 23
Highly Recommended
Soo easy to use and make calls . Connections are PERFECT !
November 20
Very clear connection
Very clear connection. Minutes purchased available right away no waiting time.
Niso Stannard
November 18
Good quality
Good quality, but quite expensive rates for my country.
Yolanda Jones
November 15
immediate connection and very clear
immediate connection and very clear
Humayun Zameer
November 14
Like the service
Like the service, flexibility. Might be a bit more expensive but I still like it
November 12
Great customer service.
Great customer service.
November 12
Great service
Great service, great line connection, great pricing
November 3
good service and no hidden fees
good service and no hidden fees
October 31
Fantastic in so many ways.
Fantastic in so many ways.
Leslie Powers
October 23
So far being a new customer and having…
So far being a new customer and having used Phoneclub service a few times,i find there service and rates second to none,the call quality is very clear as if the person i talk to is standing right beside me.
Andrew Shakespear
October 22
Great service and great price
Great service and great price
Paul L(Pertuis)
October 21
Excellent service
Excellent service. Good connections and great prices
Jean Davis
October 10
I am very happy
I am very happy, whenever I make my calls. The line is so clear its like I am talking to my mom next door, yet she is all the way in Africa. The stuff is very very helpful and very patience with you if you cannot get through. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family and anyone who makes international calls.Plus the the price is right.
Siddharth Nagarajan
October 10
Good quality
Johannes Drinda
October 7
At the beginning we had quite some…hurdles to overcome.
At the beginning we had quite some problems: 1) There was a terrible background noises on both sides. 2) The PhoneClub's PC Java version failed to work on our Google Chrome browser. We then had to install half a dozen of different browsers, because PhoneClub service was unable to tell us in which browser Java works. We almost gave up. - Luckily, in the last moment we discovered that the "Pale Moon" browser works with Java. 3) We then were bombarded with a string of unpleasant echos and repeated, shrill signal tones. So, all in all I cannot say it was easy to make it work. - At least the good people at PhoneClub cared to reward our efforts & waste of time with a 15% discount. They seem to (on the go) monitor and adjusting the sound quality for their customers. Not a bad thing, for lately, the call quality and connection has greatly improved. :)