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Wilson Debbie
February 28
I would recommend this company to…everyone
I would recommend this company to anyone! Excellent service very happy, no reservations what so ever!! Thanks👍
Mary Evelyn Lourdes Tiangha
February 23
Highly recommended!!!
Highly recommended!!!! Good cost and great call quality.
Omer Yousuf
February 23
needs a good internet connection.
needs a good internet connection.
Wallace Wallace Makange
February 22
Love it this service are the best
Love it this service are the best
Humayun Zameer
February 22
Excellent service
Excellent service
John Perkovic
February 20
Highly recommend PhoneClub...
At first I was somewhat sceptical to sign on with phone club. However I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make phone calls using either wifi or cellular network. The calls are crystal clear, no disconnection and great rates overseas. I would highly recommend PhoneClub.
Helen from Fairlawn NJ
February 19
Finally I found a great and affordable…
Finally I found a great and affordable way to talk to my mom in Croatia! Even though we are so far but I talk to her everyday! When you get busy talking and get low on your account they will automatically replenish it! Thank you for such great service!
Zoran Padovan
February 19
excellent services
excellent services
patrick chan
February 17
Easy to use, very good in my past experience
Paul L(Pertuis)
February 14
Good and reasonnably priced service
Good and reasonnably priced service. Works well 95% of the time
February 11
great app and service.
great app and service.
February 8
got in touch with my love one with no…
got in touch with my love one with no static
Dario Mehdi
January 26
Best app to call overseas and cheapest…
Best app to call overseas and cheapest one as well but if only ask for one thing its gonna be improving call quality to Iraq.
January 24
Clear calls
Calls are clear, prices are affordable. Love it!
Ivan Georgiev
January 17
Best rates
Best rates. Excellent call quality!
Johannes Hiesberger
January 16
Good alternative to spaxtel
Good connection, but a little complicated.
saji george
January 16
Call Quality is good
Call Quality is good. But middle East it but experience.
Mike Prog
January 13
Phone Club is great
Phone Club is great. There was no misunderstanding in how to use their service - which is fairly simple and the connections were always right on the 1st try and clear. I would definitely recommend them.
January 13
The best place to buy a phone card online
The best place to buy a phone card online nowadays. I used to buy from, but their rates for the country I need to call just kept going higher and higher! PhoneClub has a much better rate. And you can pay with PayPal too! One thing to keep in mind is that once you buy some credit, it will take a bit under 10 minutes before your order is confirmed. It's not "immediate".
January 4
Easy transaction
Easy transaction, but one option not available. Jumps from $10 to $20 without a $15 available to choose.